Crime Thrillers

Tania has been actively working on short story ebooks. Each of these fast-paced, crime thriller, fiction stories are based in Selkirk, MB and although they are connected, they can be read in any order. With the exception of Red Secrets, which should be read last. Those published are available for purchase in the below applications:

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Red Leaves

Lana loves the Fall but this Year, the crunchy leaves are drizzled in blood. Escaping her past seems impossible and she is forced to face two relationships that had ended, or so she’d thought. Can she survive long enough to outrun the killer? Find out in this fast-paced short story, set in a small Canadian city.

Published in March 2020

Cover art by Bao Tran, Designed by Tania Stephanson

Red Snow

This winter, Brittany is colder than normal. Blood trails are haunting, especially when they lead to your best friends’ body. Dark silhouettes surround her, clouding her ability to see who the killer is. Will the RCMP track down the killer in time? Find out in this fast-paced short story, set in a small Canadian city.

Published May 2020

Cover Designed by Tania Stephanson

Red Lies

After her best friend is murdered, Stacey uncovers lies that change everything. Time is against her. How will she survive being trapped in unexpected situations with strangers? Who can she trust? Find out in this fast-paced short story.

Published June 6, 2020

Cover Designed by Tania Stephanson

Red River

A Spring flood threatens a small city. Random attacks on the sandbagging volunteers, strikes fear in those left standing. Kevin refuses to give up and waits for the man, who’s responsible for putting his cousin in the hospital, to show his face. Meanwhile, suicides have become a regular occurrence, leaving the police baffled. A reporter, Elaina, is caught in the middle. She learns to trust her instincts both at work, and at home. In this fast-paced short story, characters are living in a wild race against time to protect homes from the flood, catch the attacker and resolve the string of suicides.

Cover Designed by Tania Stephanson

Red Secrets

The drug dealer, Damien, is still on the loose. The RCMP and Winnipeg City Police have been working together to gather enough evidence to bring him down. Meanwhile, Bobbie the Hypnotist is at large, leaving a trail of bodies behind her. The lives of Lana, Stacey, Brittany, Elaina and Kevin are linked together by chaos.

In story 5 of the Red Crime Thriller series, the characters of the previous four stories come together. If you have not read the previous stories, a detailed synopsis is included for each of them.

Cover Designed by Tania Stephanson

Now Available! The full collection in one eBook!

Th Red Crime Thriller Collection

People’s lives are at risk and the police have their hands full. From obsession and drug lords to dangerous flood water, each case is unique. With a trail of bodies behind them, the killers are on the loose, but who are they? With five short stories, The Red Crime Thriller Collection is a fast-paced crime thriller adventure with twists and turns. Each story is written from the perspective of the victims, who live in the same area, and all of them are facing dangerous situations.

This collection includes Red Leaves, Red Snow, Red Lies, Red River and Red Secrets, all of which were previously published as individual stories.

Cover Designed by Tania Stephanson