High Fantasy

Tania’s dream is to publish a high fantasy novel series. With so many in development, Tania is taking care to ensure the quality of her work prior to publication. Watch for upcoming High Fantasy short story announcements.


A magical forest brought to life by powerful dragons. This is the breeding land of Tania’s entire High Fantasy world. All creatures, including elves, rely on the magic of a single blue rose. So many stories to share… It shall begin when the time is right.

High Fantasy Update September 2021

The world of Elganthis is in redevelopment! Building a world takes a lot of planning and I want to make sure it’s unique and powerful. From magical systems to species and physical world attributes, starting from scratch will take time. Watch for future updates as the world of Elganthis unfolds…

By Tania Stephanson

Now Available

Tales of Elganthis: Volume 1

A magical world, Elganthis breathes life to short stories and adventures untold. Creatures, both familiar and newly discovered, struggle to survive amidst chaos brought by darkness, evil and greed. In the Tales of Elganthis collection, experience characters’ loss, hopes, fears and their deepest desires. Or find yourself immersed in laughter. These stories are mere glimmers into a much larger world, where many adventures await you.

The Portal opens… reach inside if you dare…