Other Publications

Below is a list of publications outside of Tania’s most common genres. The most current publications are at the top.


Nerdalific’s AutoBudget

Learning how to budget is a massive hurdle. Starting your first household budget can feel overwhelming, and maintaining it often become stressful. Nerdalific’s AutoBudget system is designed to teach you how to analyze, create and maintain a budget using Microsoft Excel and online banking. Automate your transactions including transfers and bill payments to reduce stress and the time it takes doing things manually. Alongside this eBook is a series of videos intended to make things simpler and easier to understand. Budgeting doesn’t have to be stressful.


eBook Self-Publishing Guide

Considering an eBook self-publishing career and not sure where to begin? This guide includes steps and tips to get you started. We will cover the basics on editing, formatting, covers, publishing companies, pricing and author platforms.

Tania shares the knowledge she has gained during her self-publishing journey. Consider this eBook a one-stop overview and checklist for new Authors.

Published June 30, 2020

Voices Journal – Biannual Release

A member of the Lake Winnipeg Writer’s Group (LWWG), Tania publishes in their biannual journal called Voices. Included in these publications are poems, short stories and series writing, including the original version of Red Leaves. You can find her publications under Tania Simcock or Tania Stephanson. Below is a link to the LWWG website. Copies of the Voices journal are available at McNally Robinson’s and various ebook platforms. Link available Below.

Life Beats

A collection of short stories and poetry, all non-fiction, written by Tania throughout many years. Includes a bit of humor, emotional trauma and fun.


In 2016, Tania submitted a Parmesan Chicken recipe, which was published in Tomato Slices. This is an anthology of stories, poetry, art, and recipes.


Tania’s first ever publication was in 2012 using her maiden name, Tania Simcock. This publication was on the Parents Canada website, regarding challenges with breastfeeding.