Work In Process

What is Tania working on?

Crime Thriller – The Red Series

Red Secrets – this is the fifth and final story in the series which will bring all previous stories together and reveal anticipated secrets. This is currently being written.


Tania Stephanson’s first Anthology – will contain previous voices publications, including poetry, short stories and non-fiction. Also, new crime and high fantasy short stories! Coming later in 2020.


Living Undiagnosed – for eleven years, Tania has endured a health condition without an accurate diagnosis. This story will share her experiences, multiple tests, and the benefits of Omega 3. It is an ongoing story at this time, but each day brings her closer to finding an answer.

Budgeting Booklet – since the beginning of her writing career, Tania has been working on a budgeting booklet, off and on. It will act as a guide for readers to use modern day online banking, to automate their budgets. Or at least, close to. This is still in the works.

High Fantasy

Elganthis will always remain one of Tania’s key focuses. It’s a world waiting to be explored and shared with the world. There is currently no time-line set but she is hoping to begin sharing this world within the next couple of years.